Welcome to Rider & Bell

Welcome to Rider & BellRider & Bell, a division of Kylyson Pty Ltd, is a light engineering company at Peakhurst, which is situated south of Sydney, near Hurstville. The company was established in 1920 and is exclusively Australian owned and operated.

We are a manufacturer of metal products, some of which are under the Rider & Bell label, and others are specific to customers’ requirements.

Over many years Rider & Bell has been renowned for its quality products, which include building cleats, fishing products, lawn edgers, letter boxes, metal corner protectors, rakhos, roofing fasteners, saw horses and whistles.

Most of the products can be purchased directly from us, though in some cases, minimum quantities apply.

Clive Letton is 97 years old but he's still working as a tool-makerClive Letton is 97 years old but he's still working as a tool-maker in Peakhurst. He's not on a pension and is living proof that you can keep earning a wage well beyond the presumed use-by date.

'I still got two hands!': Meet the 97-year-old Aussie toolmaker who refuses to retire...

Quality, efficiency and promptness of service are our aims at all time.

Enquiries are most welcome and we look forward to being of assistance to you.


Precision Grinding and Milling is handled by Rider & Bells specialist grinding equipment
Rider & Bell offers a variety of unique services such as tooling
Rider & Bell also provides guillotining services
Rider and Bell employ top qualified Welders