Fire Fighting Product




Rakho - (RAKHO)
Description: Rakho (Rake Hoe) 6 prong. Complete with Australian hardwood timber handle. McLeod Fire Fighting Tool. Favoured by fire fighters for clearing heavy undergrowth. Blade is made from special hardened steel. Has a serrated edge for raking and a sharp blade for cutting, scraping and chipping. Finish is powder coated enamel in bright orange.

Rider & Bell - Rakho - (RAKHO)

Rakho Handle - (RAK-HA)
Description: Strong timber handle for Rakho. Made from Australian hardwood. Standard length is 1300mm.

Rider & Bell - Rakho Handle - (RAK-HA)

Rakho Head - (RAK-HA)
Description: Rakho head. Combines with handle for clearing undergrowth, etc.

Rider & Bell - Rakho Head - (RAK-HA)

Fire Beater - (FIRE-BEATER)
Description: Fire Beater provides help to put out grass fires. Made from fire resistant material with a hard wood handle.

Rider & Bell - Fire Beater - (FIRE-BEATER)