Epaulette (set)+C3 - (EPAUL)
Description: Epaulettes. Captain's and Lieutenant's dressage - shoulder for uniforms which indicate rank. Nickel plated scales which are sewn on leather.

Rider & Bell - Epaulette (set)+C3 - (EPAUL)

Trailer Jack - (TR-JACK)
Description: R & B Trailer Lift enables easy lifting of boat and camper trailers. For single axle vehicles with wheels from 200mm to 400mm. After jack is placed under axle, driving forward slowly raises the wheel.

Rider & Bell - Trailer Jack - (TR-JACK)

Spacer Ring - (SP-R)
Description: Our spacer rings are made from thin aluminium and come in 3 different thicknesses.

Rider & Bell - Spacer Ring - (SP-R)