We are a metal manufacturing company that has been around since 1920

We are proud to say that all of our products are made locally and tailored to suit our customer's needs.

Rider & Bell Group

Welcome to Rider & Bell Group!

We are a manufacturer of metal products, light engineering tools and equipment, some of which are under the Rider & Bell label, and others are specific to customers™ requirements. We also pride ourselves in making custom-made products on request.

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Quality, efficiency and promptness of service are our aims at all times.



Our Range

Over many years Rider & Bell has been renowned for its quality products, which include building cleats, fishing products, lawn edgers, letter boxes, metal corner protectors, rakehoes (among other firefighting tools), roofing fasteners, saw horses, whistles, clamps and many more.



Firefighting Tools
Fishing Tools
Gardening Tools

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